Dr. Reizer’s Newest Book: “Lies and Deception”

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net


I would like to take this opportunity to announce the publication and general release of my latest book, “Lies and Deception: Trying to Understand the World we Live In.”

Our limited perceptions of reality are very far removed from what is truly taking place in the world and throughout the universe. Until society gets a clue and begins to understand that what we are being fed by trusted media sources, concerning most current events, is inaccurate and misleading, we will continue to struggle in our attempts to comprehend the true nature of reality.

This book attempts to enlighten readers by offering them a collection of essays that have to do with the various lies we are routinely served on a daily basis. It is my hope that the subjects covered in the text will bring to light for some a perspective of reality that they might not have otherwise explored to date.


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