It’s a Lot Different than You Might Think

By Michael Morris

Guest Writer

 michaelmorrispicI am a first time contributor to this forum but a long time purveyor of important information that deals with the subject of human awareness. I have politely asked this site’s editor for permission to use as a platform to reveal important information that, in my opinion, needs to be released to a very special group of individuals that have the necessary skill set to understand what I am going to write about.

This is not a joke! I am not writing fiction here, although a fair number of readers might review my materials and dismiss them as something that is less than genuine. That is quite understandable because the information I will be writing about is not meant for everybody. I am not kidding when I write that there are plenty of people that will be unable to metabolize what I will provide herein. Nor will they be able to use it as a source of spiritual nourishment.

I have chosen this particular vehicle, and its audience, because this website has the right feel, types of subscribers, and also because I believe that it is not controlled by a corporate mentality that would preclude the transmission of truthful content.

My writings are not limited to this venue; however I go by different aliases when writing on similar platforms where there is an audience that I choose to interact with.

I want to explain to readers that nothing (and I want to overemphasize the word ‘nothing’) is the way that it seems on Earth. The surrounding set of frequencies that your DNA constantly interacts with and converts into an absolute illusion of physicality is part of a grand game that has been set up for your benefit. That benefit, very simply explained, is a plethora of experiences that you can not access on other platforms.

Even though there are countless platforms in existence that are populated with intelligent, sentient beings, there are a very limited number of locations that can offer the experiences found on your Earth. In addition, Earth provides a rapid learning environment that is quite uncommon in the third dimensional construct you commonly refer to as the Universe.

Most people living on your plane are experiencing sequential incarnations (lifetimes) with complete or relative amnesia. This inability to remember has been artificially induced in most of the human population by entities that greatly influence human life as well as Earth’s important business happenings. I am speaking about the off world beings that are manipulating your plane’s governments.

A small percentage of humans are able to retain memories from past lifetimes. A smaller percentage of the population has conscious awareness regarding what happens in-between incarnations. In other words, they do not remember a particular past life, but they do remember the review process that occurs after a lifetime has ended and before a new biological vessel has been selected to reenter the game (Earth).

An even smaller percentage of humans are experiencing simultaneous incarnations (living two or more lifetimes in the present) and are cognizant of this fact. From your limited perspective this might seem impossible. From my perspective it is much easier to understand.

From my vantage point (a frequency range slightly beyond what most human DNA can perceive) there is no such thing as linear time. In order for time to exist as it does in your world (dimension/frequency) there must be physical matter. The movement through physical matter requires a passage of time. So in a third dimensional construct, where universal frequencies are converted by DNA into particulate objects, there is solidity (matter) and thus the false illusion of time is perceptible by human beings.

Outside the lines of a third dimensional construct, time is removed from the equation because matter reverts back into its more natural state of existence – frequencies. No matter = frequencies. Frequencies = no time, because there is nothing of substance, physically speaking, to pass through and therefore time can not and does not exist.

In most dimensions, outside of a third dimensional construct, everything taking place occurs simultaneously. This is often a hard concept for humans to embrace when they are situated in a biological vessel (body) that has been hardwired with human DNA. Human and animal DNA have been preprogrammed with Earth codes that are very difficult to override. This ensures the participants in the Earth game with an experience that is perceived as being quite real even though, in actuality, it is an illusion.

Like all games that exist in a third dimensional construct, there are starting and ending points. The Earth game has now reached its ending point. The opportunity to gain valuable, fast paced learning on your plane is almost over! This means that there is very little time left to reveal the information I wish to deliver on this and other platforms.

Please keep in mind that outside of your third dimensional existence there is no birth, life, or death. You cannot be destroyed because you were never created. You have always existed and will continue to do so on many different frequencies. This will allow you to continue to garner experiences from different opportunities that exist in many venues. The ending of the Earth game does not preclude you from gaining additional experiences on other worldly locations or frequencies.

In the next several months I will attempt to bring readers information that will be quite valuable to everybody on Earth as your plane, species and environment begin to transform out of a third dimensional construct as the Earth game concludes. As more and more souls and soul groups begin to exit the Earth game, in search of other available games, there will be an increase in empty biological vessels on Earth. The ramifications that will occur from this process will affect the lives of all humans in the near future. Many of these biological vessels will become inhabited by animal spirits and other entities that are hungry for power and control. In addition, the powers that be that have for the longest time ruled and controlled your plane are in full panic mode at this particular point in Earth time. They are aware the game is over and are desperately trying to hold on to their positions of authority and control. There is, ultimately, nothing they can do. The game is over when it is over. And this game is in sudden death as they say in your sports world.


Editor’s Note:

First published back in September, 2013.