Major Earth Changes are around the Corner

By Michael Morris

Guest Writer for

 michaelmorrispicDear followers of this blog, you are about to experience an incredible set of Earth changes that have long been predicted by some in the know. The scenarios that are forthcoming have been detailed in many books and movies. The difference between those scripted story plots and the real deal is that until recently, the dates of said changes have been very closely guarded by the Reptilian overlords that run this blue sphere you know as Earth.

I have discussed the single most important story to ever affect humanity for many years. I am a self-proclaimed parallel incarnation of the editor of this website that currently exists in an alternate dimension of reality. I have meticulously dissected a vast global conspiracy which has been in the works for many thousands of years. I have methodically taken readers through a journey of disturbing alien agendas and have attempted to create a state of clarity so that the common man and woman can understand the many components of this magnificent system of deception.

The alien agenda has been in place for 187,000 years. The alien presence is in complete and total control of the world’s most powerful governing bodies. The countdown to the final Earth changing events will take place extremely soon. And I will reveal the commencement date on this blog. There will be 90 days in-between the announcement date and the commencement of changes.

Pay careful attention to the world news and especially the stories that are occurring in Israel. If you wish to survive what is coming in the near future, stay tuned.

More to follow very soon!


Editor’s Note:

This information was channeled by me from Michael Morris in the usual fashion. Prior to this communication, I had not received any information from Michael in many months. He asked me to publish this article as soon as possible. I am doing as the parallel incarnation has asked!



One thought on “Major Earth Changes are around the Corner

  1. visionary September 18, 2014 / 2:45 pm

    The fact that this instinct cannot be quenched as
    easily as the others, makes it even more tempting. Present-day
    scientific dogma doesn’t know how to measure these forces and therefore they are not part of the current scientific model of reality.
    The metaphysical hub of the American southwest, maybe even the

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