2014 – A Year That Will Bring Extensive Changes to Earth

By Michael Morris

Guest Writer for NoFakeNews.net

 michaelmorrispicI have mentioned many times before on this and other forums that extensive changes are taking place on third dimensional Earth. The frequency signatures that are paving the way for what is occurring worldwide have been taking place for quite some time. In spite of this fact, a large majority of people have not yet perceived what has become perceptible to others in different dimensional constructs.

From your perspective, the changes, already in progress, are being sensed by 29% of all human beings! This percentage will increase rapidly in 2014. When the percentage moves above 50%, humanity will become cognizant of what I am writing about.

As amazing as the changes will seem to the average person, it is important to remember that everything is actually an illusion, made possible because humans have agreed to participate in the most amazing virtual reality experience in the universe.

There are powerful groups interacting with Earth that have been working hard to suppress human awareness of the extensive changes taking place. Their abilities to continue suppressing the truth through the end of 2014 will not be possible.

Moon Picture Clementine NASA

Extraterrestrial Moon Base – Photo Credit: NASA Clementine 1994

I do not write these words for the sake of creating sensational essays or for entertainment purposes. Nor is this an attempt to grab attention through carefully scripted fiction that is nonsensically supported by doom and gloom scenarios. There are no doom and gloom scenarios attached to any of the forthcoming changes. Everything is happening, universally, because Vast Intelligence has prescribed it this way.

It is vitally important that readers understand there is nothing to fear in any of the lifetimes we participate in. Everything sentient beings experience is predicated on garnering knowledge for Vast Intelligence.

As 2014 unfolds, remember to embrace the truly amazing experiences that await you.

Happy New Year!


One thought on “2014 – A Year That Will Bring Extensive Changes to Earth

  1. Edwina Reizer December 31, 2013 / 2:08 pm

    Every human being that awakens to truth will be well aware of these upcoming changes. I do not fear any of them . We all experience many lifetimes so why fear anything? Mom

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