Understanding The Fabric Of Perceived Reality

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net


Some of the subjects I have attempted to write about on this website are extremely complex ones and difficult to understand. Contrary to the beliefs of most people residing in the United States, a large segment of our country’s population is not very knowledgeable about numerous topics that affect so many of us. Nor is this segment of the population knowledgeable about the required pieces of information that could help us make better sense out of the perceived chaos (world events) we are now experiencing.

When we went to school, as part of our required formal, public education, we were not exposed to many things that would have been really helpful to us in our attempts to navigate through such a confusing world. Please try to understand we were intentionally given a limited amount of information about many subjects. In fact, much of what we think we know about the world and our planet’s history has been so distorted by certain people that it would be too painful for the average person to view reality as it actually is.

A review of history clearly demonstrates that there have always been groups of people, within the structure of numerous societies, which controlled all of the important decisions. These controlling members were not always visible to the rest of the citizens of a given community. In reality, they intentionally avoided public exposure and preferred to control things from behind the scenes.

Conspiracy theorists have long made the case that a cabal of wealthy families have had firm control over the rest of the world for lengthy periods of time. Depending on what authors you read, and there are many of them, the length of time that these conspirators have been manipulating humanity stretches from a century to many thousands of years.

I have read many of these authors. While I do not agree with every specific point that they make, I am now of the opinion that there is a hierarchy of control that manages the world from the top down. In my considered opinion this is not a conspiracy theory – it is simply a conspiracy!

Many would argue that such a hierarchy, designed specifically to secretly control the world, would be impossible to conceal from the rest of society. The skeptics are quick to point out that the good people of the world would be able to identify such an evil construct. Another logical argument that is routinely voiced and delivered by the skeptics to conspiracy authors is that it would be virtually impossible for the same groups/families, which are supposedly in control of the world, to maintain the continuity of that control from one generation to the next. In other words, how would these elitist families maintain their firm grip over the world’s people for hundreds and possibly even thousands of years as many conspiracy authors have suggested?

The Principle of Fragmentation

Maintaining control from the top down is not as difficult as one might imagine. This chore has been successfully accomplished throughout our modern history, especially within the corporate world. The corporate structure of a given company is akin to the design of a pyramid. At the top of the corporate pyramid, a select few know everything of importance regarding the health and well being of a particular company. The further down the pyramid you move, the more people in the company become involved. The company members that hold a particular position of rank/status/employment within the lower levels of the pyramid are not privy to the same quantity of information as the individuals who hold a higher level of pyramidal rank/status/employment. The further down the pyramid you move the less company information is known by each of the employees. At the very base of the pyramidal structure, the least amount of company knowledge is known or understood by the vast majority of company employees.

The pyramidal corporate model I have just described allows a very unique phenomenon to occur. This phenomenon is what I and others refer to as the principle of fragmentation. The principle of fragmentation occurs every single day of the year in the operation of various companies, organizations, countries and yes it even occurs on a global scale as I will eventually point out. To develop a clearer understanding, for my readers, about how the principle of fragmentation works, I offer the following description of the inner workings of an automobile assembly plant.

An automobile assembly plant is a very technical and sophisticated operation. A large part of the factory’s success is based on the smooth and uninterrupted performance of an assembly line of workers and complex machines. The automobiles that are produced at the very end of the assembly line are precision designed pieces of machinery and they will no doubt function flawlessly for many years.

If I was to interview a group of assembly line employees from a particular automotive plant and I asked them to explain to me how they would go about building an automobile, I would wager a small amount of change that the employees would be unable to explain how to proceed. As a smaller group, or as individuals, these employees would not have the necessary knowledge to build the very product they are regularly employed to help manufacture. The employees are obviously a very small part of a much larger assembly team. This assembly team has been intentionally fragmented or given only enough information/knowledge to be able to successfully complete finite objectives as outlined and defined by the company’s assembly line managers. In this way, a sophisticated product can be regularly produced by a large work force of employees. At the same time, only a very small number of high ranking company executives, who share a much different vantage point than most people associated with the company, know how to really build the product in question.

The automobile company needs the complete cooperation of all the workers employed at the factory in order to successfully produce the end product. Without the workers who reside at the base of the pyramidal corporate structure, the company would not be able to succeed. The principle of fragmentation, however, allows the people on the top of the pyramid to maintain a different level of knowledge and control over the people who reside at the lower levels of the pyramid.

This hierarchy is widely known and regularly accepted within the corporate/business arena. It is commonplace and quite acceptable by society’s standards for company executives to be privy to a different knowledge base than lower level staff members. What would not be acceptable to the members of society, however, is for the same hierarchy systems to exist within the major genres of our everyday existence. The genres I am writing about are the elements that are deeply embedded into our societal structure and help to form the very fabric of our perceived reality.

The actual genres that define and make up our fabric of perceived reality are the institutions known to us as science, history, finance, banking, religion, education, sports, entertainment, medicine, energy, the military industrial complex, politics, the occult, philosophy, and others.

What is the one common factor that each of these topics share with one another? What information should you, the reader, retain when assessing these genres that shape our very own version of reality? The answer is twofold. You should first, and foremost, comprehend that for each of these genres there exists a much different knowledge base and understanding about the actual subject matter at various positions within the pyramidal hierarchy. Only a select few know the total truth about what is really going on in each genre/subject. The second thing you need to learn is that all of these genres strongly encourage individuals to form, in their minds, a perceived reality construct that is very far removed from actual reality.

The Fabric of Perceived Reality Explained in Greater Detail

As members of society we are all, for the most part, disciples of unverifiable information. What I mean by this sentence is that the people on our planet must regularly rely on certain official sources for most of their information. The sources you and I rely upon must be trustworthy, in our eyes, in order for us to actually accept the information they peddle as credible. This is how human beings determine what is real or possible in the various communities around the globe. We are usually not afforded the luxury of being placed in a position to be able to validate many of the pieces of information that routinely enter our daily lives.

Because human beings are only able to learn about certain subjects from the so called “trusted sources” a genuine problem is immediately created for most of the members of society. At the same time, a genuine opportunity is created for the controlling members of society who reside at the upper end of the structured hierarchy. That opportunity regularly allows the members of the ruling elite the chance to create a false perception of reality for the vast majority of the population base.

There are many individual components that have been sewn together to form the fabric of perceived reality that we rely upon to guide us through our daily existence. To the average person the fabric of perceived reality is not at all perceptible or widely understood. The abilities of the global power brokers to keep the rest of humanity attached to a distorted perception/understanding of what is actually taking place in the world has been no small chore, yet it has been brilliantly accomplished over an extended period of time.

As I wrote earlier, the fabric of perceived reality is actually made up of many subjects that we are all quite familiar with. Some of us have studied these subjects in great detail and believe that we have a good understanding of them.

Most, if not, everything we do know about the individual components that make up the fabric of perceived reality has been given to us by the “trusted sources.” This is an undeniable fact. If you take the time to think about a certain subject that you feel strongly about, and you honestly ask yourself where your knowledge about the subject has come from, you will eventually come to the uncomfortable conclusion that the information originally was acquired from a source that you trusted. The source might have been a parent, friend, newspaper, television program, priest, preacher, rabbi or even a teacher. Chances are really good that you did not witness the information first hand as it was happening. Chances are also very good that the pieces of information you received from the “trusted sources” are still, to this day, not verifiable by you.

            Taboo Subjects

Again, let me reiterate that the subjects I am writing about are complex issues and also considered taboo topics within the minds of most people. As human beings, we have varying degrees of emotional attachment to the individual components that make up the fabric of perceived reality. For example, the subject of religion is one component within our constructed fabric that many people feel strongly about.

It has been stated by some spiritual scholars that many formalized religions exist throughout the world. Each one of these “belief systems” is accepted by its members as a legitimate explanation about spiritual reality. In more simplistic terminology it could be written that each religion believes it is correct and that all of the others are wrong.

Most of us have very minimal knowledge about the belief systems we have embraced or accepted to be reality. We have learned most of what we do know about a particular belief system from our parents or because a priest/preacher/rabbi has demanded that we do so.

Once we have accepted certain belief systems and welcomed them into our lives it is absolutely natural for the concepts to be reinforced by the members of our immediate community. The belief systems eventually become attached to our core beliefs and from that point forward we will always defend such concepts until the very day we leave this planet.

We also develop strong emotional attachments to our belief systems and we are often more than willing to fight to the death to defend them. (Almost all of the wars that have taken place or are currently taking place in the world have something to do with religious beliefs.)

In 1999, a religious scholar named Archaya S. authored a very controversial book titled “The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold.” Please read the book’s official product description:

“Controversial and explosive, The Christ Conspiracy marshals an enormous amount of startling evidence that the religion of Christianity and Jesus Christ were created by members of various secret societies, mystery schools and religions in order to unify the Roman Empire under one state religion! This powerful book maintains that these groups drew upon a multitude of myths and rituals that already existed long before the Christian era and reworked them into the story the Christian religion presents today-known to most Westerners as the Bible. Author Acharya makes the case that there was no actual person named Jesus, but that several characters were rolled into one mythic being inspired by the deities Mithras, Heracles/Hercules, Dionysus and many others of the Roman Empire. She demonstrates that the story of Jesus, as portrayed in the Gospels, is nearly identical in detail to those of the earlier savior-gods Krishna and Horus, and concludes that Jesus was certainly neither original nor unique, nor was he the divine revelation. Rather, he represents the very ancient body of knowledge derived from celestial observation and natural forces. A book that will initiate heated debate and inner struggle, it is intelligently written and referenced. The only book of its kind, it is destined for controversy.”

This unique book and its author have since been ridiculed by followers of the Christian faith. Most Christians believe the book to be nothing more than a work based on blatant lies. If you take the time to “Google” the author you will see what I meant when I wrote, earlier, about people defending a belief system with a great deal of emotion. As you peruse the tremendous amount of “angry content” that has been written by members of the public on Internet blogs about Archaya S., you begin to get a very clear picture of just how attached people can become to a particular religion/genre.

In my opinion it is completely irrelevant whether a person is a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Agnostic or a follower of some other belief system. In addition, it matters even less how devoted a person is to a particular belief system. In the end the only thing that matters is the truth. A belief system that has the most followers/disciples and is based on a lie is still a lie! Some tiny religion that might be the recipient of only three followers might be based on the truth. In the end it is still based on the truth and the amount of followers it has cannot change that fact!

Please understand that I am not writing that Christianity or any other religion is based on a lie. I am only addressing these topics to demonstrate to my readers just how important the various genres are in constructing the fabric that makes up our perceived reality construct.

A Double Standard Exists

I have always found it interesting to note the different reaction characteristics people have when confronted with various types of information. On numerous occasions I have witnessed students, professionals and others routinely demanding a certain level of proof when assessing comments or claims being made. These individuals apparently needed the information they received to be scrutinized for a high degree of accuracy. Obviously, these folks wanted to make sure that the claims in question were “the real deal.” Their rationale for having everything validated in such a specific manner was to satisfy personal or professional standards.

The same individuals, in other scenarios, would suddenly and without warning dismiss their high standards when assessing equally important information that impacted their lives. I found this to be especially true when the information in question was attached to a specific religion or belief system. It always amazed me as I watched this process unfold. An important event that supposedly took place several thousand years ago was not being scrutinized by the same people using the same set of standards because they chose to accept the religious account via blind faith. Meanwhile, the present day claim was being scrutinized by them using a completely different standard.

I have always maintained that if I went on top of a mountain and I claimed I had heard the words of a divine angel and I then reported my experience to the members of the media, I would most certainly be laughed at and not taken seriously. Another person making the same claim several thousand years earlier, with no one around to witness the miracle, was regularly given a free pass and believed to be genuine by many people in our society. Why the double standard and why do so many people believe that miracles only happened during ancient times?

Channeled Information/ Prayers

Some years ago I had a student ask me if I believed that extraterrestrial life existed. I replied to the student in the affirmative and gave the reasons for my beliefs. The student, who was very religious, explained to me that most of the people that had written about such experiences had allegedly established communications with the supposed extraterrestrials through a medium known as channeling. The student wanted to know why I believed in something that was so ridiculous. I proceeded to answer his question by asking the young man another question that I already knew the answer to. I asked him if he went to church on a regular basis and he replied that he did. I also asked him if he prayed in church and at home and once again he replied, yes. I then asked the student if he thought someone or something was listening to his prayers and if he expected the prayers to be answered. The student paused for a moment and then responded with a convincing nod. I took that opportunity to explain to the student that he was sending and receiving channeled information every single time he said a prayer and perceived that he received an answer. I then asked the student if he thought the act of praying was ridiculous. The young man did not answer me.


Each genre that helps to create a portion of the fabric of perceived reality for humanity is controlled or managed from the top down. The subject of politics is no exception to this rule. Many of us get quite emotional when we begin discussing politics. It is, without a doubt, a subject that a lot of people are very opinionated about. Unfortunately, we have been cleverly duped into believing that we are free to choose leaders in our country that can actually make a difference.

Republicans and Democrats account for the major party players in the game. I use the word “game” because in my opinion the entire political system, in this country as well as others, is a game that has been set up to appease the participants – the voting public.

Several years ago the British born conspiracy author David Icke coined the term “opposames” when referring to political parties. Icke convincingly made the case that political candidates in both Democratic and Republican parties, which were successfully elected into the higher levels of government, were being controlled like puppets on a string by the real rulers of the world. The political parties people became so enamored with were purposely disguised to look like they were different from one another. According to Icke, the political parties were only dissimilar on the surface and underneath the superficial façade that was being presented to the public; they were in fact both representing the interests of the ruling elite members of society that were really managing the world’s business. Hence, the term “opposames” was used by Icke and others to describe the game pieces.

Once again, it should be reinforced in our minds that what we think we know about a given genre, that helps to make up the fabric of perceived reality, is very different from what the people at the top of the pyramid know about the same subject. There are very different perceptions of what reality might be depending on your position in the hierarchy of society.

The purpose of “opposames” has always been to create the illusion of choice. When people believe there is a choice they also believe they have the ability to control their own destinies. In reality we have no voice and no choice whatsoever when it comes to politics. We essentially have the right to choose a number of candidates that have been previously chosen for us by our elite controllers. There are some subtle differences between the two political parties but for the most part they represent the same management team. Unfortunately, we do not control our own destinies.

When one political party is placed into the majority leadership role, the other group immediately proposes ideas/laws that should be enacted in order to make things better within the country. Once the parties exchange positions on the game board, the new regime continues to enforce the same agendas as the first group. Nothing of substance ever really changes. The only changes that occur are the names of the candidates and the flip-flopping of political parties that appear to be in power. The elite’s agendas always remain a constant in an ever-changing merry-go-round of political “opposames.”

A Quick Summary

In this article I have discussed how various genres make up the very fabric of our perceived reality. I also explained in a schematic fashion how the outflows of information concerning these genres are being controlled from the top down by an elite group of very wealthy families. The result of this scenario is simply a distorted understanding of what is actually taking place in the world by a vast majority of the country’s population.

In addition, I wrote that the members of society would not find such an arrangement, as previously described, acceptable. Although a hierarchy system allowing a two-tier knowledge base is thought to be an acceptable practice by business leaders, it is very unlikely that this sort of deception would be tolerated in other venues where the public was concerned. The people who make up society are a potential force to be reckoned with. The global rulers are aware of this fact. They understand that they are severely outnumbered and if the members of society ever figured out what was actually going on, the game would be over in a relatively short period of time.

The elite’s biggest asset, because of the mathematics involved, has always been its ability to deceive the public it controls. The ruling families operate strategically and are very organized. They have been doing this sort of thing for a lot longer than most people could ever imagine. The powerful families have worked very diligently, through the years, to gain the control they now possess over humanity.

There have been more than a few authors that have conducted research and produced brilliant publications exposing the veil of secrecy that has, for so long, protected the identities of these controlling bloodlines. Authors David Icke and Fritz Springmeier have written extensively on the ruling families and have thoroughly referenced their works so well that it becomes overwhelming when you sift through the mounds of evidence they have packaged and published.

The purpose of this article is to offer a very basic understanding of what agendas are actually taking place in the world so that readers can formulate an adaptive strategy to protect themselves.

I am quite certain that many of the visitors to my website have never even heard of the bloodline families that run the world. If this article serves as your first introduction to them, then so be it. As a newbie to the conspiracy world you can choose to take one of two pills (just like the character in the famous Matrix movies). You can take the one pill that most people choose to swallow (Amnesia) and ignore my words, and the concepts they present. If this is your choice you have probably concluded that I am too far removed from your personal version of reality to be taken seriously. I respect your choice and wish you good luck.

For those of you who have decided to swallow the other pill (The Truth), you are to be congratulated. Perhaps you will locate some additional publications that can provide details about certain points I have raised herein. Hopefully, you will study such subjects thoroughly and will become completely enlightened so that you will finally be able to remove that very cumbersome veil that currently surrounds most members of society – the fabric of perceived reality.

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