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People Need to Understand That Cigarettes Are Drugs and Smokers are Addicts

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

 10414603_738375819539473_2113518104470549542_nNot so long ago, I had an interesting conversation with one of the patients in my private practice. Dr. Ron (not his real name) is a retired medical doctor that practiced for 25 years. I’ve taken care of this man as a chiropractic patient for a couple of years now. On Ron’s last visit, we were talking about several issues that challenged the well being of healthcare consumers in America and around the world. Suddenly, the subject of cigarettes was brought up.

Dr. Ron had been a smoker for over 30 years before deciding to quit ten years ago. He explained to me how difficult it was for him to become an ex-smoker. And this was a doctor that knew about the dangers of smoking from a physiological perspective. With a lot of determination, he finally eliminated cigarettes from his life.

Dr. Ron told me that when he worked in the hospital system many years ago almost every person on staff, nurses and doctors alike, puffed away on cigarettes right in front of patients. According to the good doctor, smoking even occurred when a physician was in the middle of a patient examination. That type of bedside manner would never be permitted in the year 2014.

Over the years, there have been many changes in federal, state, and local laws that make it extremely difficult for smokers to partake in their addictive behaviors. Smoking at one time was widely embraced by the members of society as well as society’s governmental facilities. This is no longer the situation today. If you walk inside a United States government building in 2014 smoking a cigarette, you will be arrested. Smoking in government buildings is against the law. This holds true for state and most private buildings. With very few exceptions, today’s smokers must congregate in designated smoking locations in order to satisfy their habits.

Being married to an ex-smoker, I am well aware of just how hard it is to “kick the habit” so to speak. I can remember how difficult it was for my wife to break her addiction to cigarettes. When she finally decided to put down the smokes for good, we designed and implemented a plan to walk a mile every time she developed a craving for nicotine. My God, we walked many miles that summer, 18 years ago. The withdrawal symptoms she experienced were very intense and it took a number of years before those cravings finally disappeared. Not every person has the mental toughness that my wife possesses. It takes great strength and determination to stop smoking without the assistance of health care professionals. Most people cannot do it!

In the many years I have practiced chiropractic (27 years), I have had lots of patients that were smokers. I have heard their stories, witnessed their failures, and tried to be sympathetic to their feelings. I have always told patients that smoking cigarettes will kill them and their loved ones.

I personally believe smoking is just as dangerous for the people that do not smoke but who live in close proximity to a smoker. Secondary smoke that is inhaled by non-smokers can cause them many health related problems. It is a lethal and very unfair situation for family members and friends that choose not to smoke but are still being poisoned nonetheless.

Today, it’s even more difficult for smokers to get out of the game. Cigarette manufacturers have recently made their products more addictive than ever before. Genetically modified tobacco crops have been redesigned to yield larger and more concentrated amounts of nicotine. The flooding of the market with modified tobacco has resulted in increased amounts of addictive nicotine per cigarette. Nicotine is a powerful and addictive drug. It is probably just as addictive as heroin. We don’t usually think of cigarettes as being drugs and smokers as addicts. But in reality, this is exactly what cigarettes and smokers are.

The consequences of smoking cigarettes have been well documented. A few health problems associated with smoking are lung cancer, emphysema, chronic bronchial problems, cardiovascular challenges, and a plethora of other diseases. The list of complications is two miles long. In a nutshell, you will die an early death if you continue to smoke cigarettes.

If you are a smoker and serious about living a long and healthy life you need to stop your drug habit immediately! As is the case with all drugs that are habit forming, smokers will always require more and more nicotine in order to satisfy their cravings. People that smoke a pack of cigarettes each day will soon smoke two packs per day. Eventually, some people will find themselves smoking in excess of three and four packs of cigarettes per day. The human body is durable but has its physiological limits and will shut down after being poisoned for many years.

For the person that is serious about stopping this dangerous drug addiction, there are medical and alternative health care solutions available. Consult a health care professional immediately and become proactive in saving your life and the lives of your loved ones!

The Food We Are Consuming is Killing Us

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


According to many leading health care experts, it’s getting increasingly difficult to stay healthy due to the types of foods we continue to consume as a society.

Food additives such as Aspartame and MSG (Monosodium glutamate) are believed, by many, to cause irreparable harm to human beings. Despite the large number of warnings coming from scientists and doctors, large corporations continue to oversee the lacing of our foodstuffs with harmful chemicals.

Aspartame, a controversial artificial sweetener, has been classified by some doctors and medical researchers as a neuro-excitotoxin  capable of causing harmful lesions within the human nervous system. Russell Blaylock, a retired neurosurgeon and former professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, is one of the physicians that has publicly stated his views about the dangers of this product.

Aspartame was introduced into food products and soft drinks, around the world, by the pharmaceutical company, G.D. Searle during the same time frame that Donald Rumsfeld, former Defense Secretary of the United States, was the company’s acting CEO. Later, Searle was taken over by Monsanto, a corporation believed by many to have very close ties to the C.I.A.

Monsanto, a developer of many controversial products, is a major producer of genetically modified organisms/foods (GMO’s). The average American’s diet is thoroughly littered with GMOs. As a result of the relationship that so many people have with attenuated foods, we are now witnessing an increase in the number of autoimmune diseases throughout the general population.

Based on statistics that clearly demonstrate a decline in our nation’s health over time, and a core understanding, centered on common sense, that altering the genes of various seeds precludes the human body from being able to discern between a food and a poison, one could connect the dots and come to the logical conclusion that GMOs are quite dangerous.

Unfortunately, the level of danger we face, when it comes to GMOs, is unknown. Genetically modified seeds are protected from all forms of scientific research or review. Monsanto and other companies that produce these products (DuPont & Syngenta) have licensing agreements that legally prohibit the testing of their seeds by any scientific body.

We are certainly a product of the foods we consume and so when one takes a closer look at the true lack of quality embedded within our food supplies, it’s easier to comprehend why modern society suffers with such a high number of autoimmune diseases. It’s time for people to comprehend the fact that the food we are consuming is killing us.

Major Earth Changes are around the Corner

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By Michael Morris

Guest Writer for

 michaelmorrispicDear followers of this blog, you are about to experience an incredible set of Earth changes that have long been predicted by some in the know. The scenarios that are forthcoming have been detailed in many books and movies. The difference between those scripted story plots and the real deal is that until recently, the dates of said changes have been very closely guarded by the Reptilian overlords that run this blue sphere you know as Earth.

I have discussed the single most important story to ever affect humanity for many years. I am a self-proclaimed parallel incarnation of the editor of this website that currently exists in an alternate dimension of reality. I have meticulously dissected a vast global conspiracy which has been in the works for many thousands of years. I have methodically taken readers through a journey of disturbing alien agendas and have attempted to create a state of clarity so that the common man and woman can understand the many components of this magnificent system of deception.

The alien agenda has been in place for 187,000 years. The alien presence is in complete and total control of the world’s most powerful governing bodies. The countdown to the final Earth changing events will take place extremely soon. And I will reveal the commencement date on this blog. There will be 90 days in-between the announcement date and the commencement of changes.

Pay careful attention to the world news and especially the stories that are occurring in Israel. If you wish to survive what is coming in the near future, stay tuned.

More to follow very soon!


Editor’s Note:

This information was channeled by me from Michael Morris in the usual fashion. Prior to this communication, I had not received any information from Michael in many months. He asked me to publish this article as soon as possible. I am doing as the parallel incarnation has asked!


Mind Over Matter: The Placebo Effect

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


The human mind is extremely powerful. For the longest time scientists and doctors have known that the concept of mind over matter is nothing to joke about. Thousands of patients that have been diagnosed with serious health conditions have miraculously found their way back to good health just by thinking positively.

Many people have heard about a phenomenon known as the placebo effect. Simply written, the placebo effect occurs when a patient suffering from a disease process gets better after being given an inert substance that is perceived by the patient to be a real drug used to treat the condition in question. In certain situations a patient will respond to the sugar pill (placebo) being administered as if it were an active drug. In other words, the patient seems to have a change in his or her symptoms when no drug has been administered. The conclusion that has been made by scientists over the years is that the placebo effect demonstrates clear evidence that the mind can eliminate physical problems in the human body.

Some doctors also believe that many physical diseases that afflict patients can have their origins traced back to emotional disorders deeply embedded within the minds of certain people. While it is probably true that many diseases can be cured when the mind cultivates positive thoughts, it is also quite likely that a plethora of diseases can come to fruition when people harbor negative thought patterns for a prolonged period of time. The conclusion to this hypothesis is that a person can quite literally think themselves into a serious disease process.

Recently, I carried a tremendous amount of stress in my life. As a result of this situation, I developed many physical symptoms that I perceived as being a serious physical condition. I experienced heart palpitations, shortness of breath, stomach distress, and chest pains. I honestly believed that I was very ill and experiencing cardiovascular anomalies. I was so damn convinced that I was ill that I consulted a cardiologist and a few other medical specialists. After three months of doctor visits, tests, and lab profiles I learned that I will probably live for a very long time. There was absolutely nothing wrong with me from a physiological perspective. What I learned from my experience was that stress and anxiety are killers and if people can not adapt accordingly to stressful situations that come their way, it is very possible that a disease process will affect them down the road.

The mind listens to everything we say or think. This is why it is so important to try and fill our heads with positive thoughts. This is easier said than done in a world that is filled with countless media products that constantly broadcast negative content.

What do you think about this subject?

The Ebola Virus: A Worldwide Problem Requiring A Worldwide Vaccination Campaign?

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

 10414603_738375819539473_2113518104470549542_nProblem – Reaction – Solution! One of the oldest tricks in the world that has been used by the powers that be on the general public was the introduction of a major crisis of some sort followed by the mass reaction/panic of the same general public to that crisis which was then followed by the implementation of an already established solution to the original problem that had been patiently waiting in the wings.

Let’s pretend that the powers that be wanted to launch a worldwide vaccination campaign on the general public. How many people do you believe would stand in line, roll up their sleeves, and stick out their arms to receive said medicine? Not too many!

Now let’s pretend that a very nasty hemorrhagic virus that is not well understood by laypersons and medical specialists alike was reported to be the next great world pandemic. Keep in mind that this hemorrhagic virus had been portrayed by the mass media and perceived by the general public as something that could bring about the deaths of many innocent people worldwide.

Finally, let’s pretend that a certain pharmaceutical company had a patented vaccine waiting to be unveiled in the laboratory that could neutralize or prevent the spread of the nasty hemorrhagic disease. How many people in the general public do you think would demand that health officials make available this miracle vaccine? Oh so many!

Could the Ebola Virus be a worldwide problem – reaction – solution campaign in progress? Will a vaccination campaign be announced and prepared for worldwide distribution in the months to come?

What do you think about this subject?

The Real Matrix: Society’s Addiction to the Blue Pill

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


One of the greatest films ever released, in my opinion, was the original Matrix movie starring Keanu Reeves. The film, very cleverly, demonstrated the lack of understanding most people have regarding real world events. Truth be told, many of us are like the character in the Matrix movie, unable to crack specific security codes that would allow us to understand what is actually happening on our planet.

In the Matrix movie, the main character (Neo) is gradually awakened to the fact that nothing in the world is the way it appears. As the film evolves, Neo’s understanding of reality is eventually replaced with a truer representation of reality. The Neo character learns that the images of the world he has always embraced as being genuine have been disingenuously implanted in his mind by a computer operated world.

Throughout most of the movie, Neo tries to view the Matrix and make sense out of it. Even when he learns of its existence, he lacks the skill set to fully understand the different levels within the Matrix. To Neo, the Matrix initially appears as a never-ending list of numbers and letters that have been encrypted into an unbreakable code. At the end of the movie, Reeves is unable to unlock the code and see the world for what it really is.

The Matrix Movie is a metaphor for real life. It illustrates, quite well, the fact that total reality and a human being’s perception of reality exist on different planes. What we think we know about our world and what the world really represents to us is not the same thing.

The basic theme of is to raise awareness in readers about the machinations taking place by the powers that be that greatly influence mainstream media companies that, ultimately, keep members of society inside the confines of another Matrix. That’s right! We live in a real Matrix. Its existence lies outside the fictional plot that was a blockbuster movie.

Many people have enjoyed watching the Matrix movie. They fully understood the cinematic plot and yet they are unable to see The Real Matrix all of us live in every single day that we are alive. Many of us lack the skill set to be able to crack the necessary codes that would allow us to view our world as it actually exists.

Every time we tune into the mainstream news, we are, in a sense, taking the blue pill. In the Matrix movie, the blue pill represented amnesia, a prescription for keeping people blissfully ignorant about everything in life that made up the very fabric of their perceived reality. When presented with the opportunity, Neo decides not to swallow the blue pill. He chooses, instead, the red pill which allows him to explore another side of reality, an opportunity that few people, in his fictional world, have a chance to experience.

Mainstream media companies represent the blue pill in our world and there are more people in the world than ever before addicted to this longstanding prescription. As long as people continue to tune in to the mainstream media products that litter our society, people will be unable to see the world as it actually is.

Welcome to!  We represent, like other alternative news producers, the red pill. A free subscription/prescription to this website is what some people might be lacking in their diet? Open up wide, swallow, and then view The Real Matrix that exists outside the movies.





Life is great!

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

reizer3The funny thing about life is that it’s always an interesting ride. If you’re currently bored, happy or sad you shouldn’t get too caught up in those emotions. Life is swift and ever-changing. The perceptive illusion is that the people and things around us stay the same. The truth be told, nothing in this world is static. People flow in and out of our lives constantly. We’re always meeting new acquaintances, friends, and business contacts. The people we form various relationships with and mistakenly believe are so important to us today are in many instances insignificant factors in our lives a short time later.

Many relationships we encounter on this planet are important in that they contribute to the collective experiences we will use to grow spiritually in a particular lifetime. I believe we experience numerous lifetimes simultaneously and in some instances sequentially. Although the experiences we are blessed with can cause pain and happiness, they are, ultimately, only lessons to learn and grow from.

It’s sometimes easy to get caught up in the emotional excitement that is presented from discovering new concepts and new faces. Sometimes a person’s desire to want to help others can become so strong that it unfairly drains all of their energy and causes pain and suffering for the most important people in their life.

I recently learned a valuable lesson. The lesson taught me that the most important people in the world are the ones closest to me. The lesson also taught me that sometimes no matter how much you want to help another person; it should never come at the expense of the people that love you the most.

Life on Earth is great because there is no better classroom in the universe to acquire such knowledge and educate your soul.


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