What Is Cervical Arthrosis and What Can I Do About It?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

 wpid-20150422_114433.jpgThe other day one of my patients wanted to know what the condition, Cervical Arthrosis was. I smiled and told the woman that it was another fancy word for osteoarthritis in the neck. I told the woman that by being under chiropractic care, the condition would probably not get any worse and not to worry too much.

“But what if a person had this disease and lived in a country where there were no chiropractors?” she asked me with a frown on her face.

“Do you know someone with Cervical Arthrosis?” I asked my patient.

“My sister,” she replied. “She has the early stages of this condition. Her hands are always numb and have pain at the same time. She gets headaches, too.”

I felt sorry for my patient and I tried to give her the best advice that I could think of. The conversation inspired me to write this article that might be helpful to others and especially readers of this blog that live in areas of the world that do not have practicing chiropractors.

Let me preface this post by writing that Arthrosis/Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition of a joint in the body. In the case of Cervical Arthrosis the degenerative changes are between the spinal vertebrae in the neck.

Whenever there exists a situation where the body’s joints become slightly misaligned from one another, the climate will become conducive for the genesis of Osteoarthritis. The body realizes that misaligned boney joints in the human body could impede the function of nerves and blood vessels. Because of this situation the body’s natural intelligence will cause a physiological process to occur that begins to cement the bones in place so that they will not go any further out of alignment. This cementing process is what we commonly refer to as Arthrosis or Osteoarthritis. It is a degenerative change in the joint.

As a chiropractor, I check the integrity of spinal alignment in my patients on a regular basis. When I locate a spinal misalignment that is impeding the function of the nervous system (Vertebral Subluxation), I make a chiropractic adjustment to the segment involved in order to correct the alignment. Once the alignment is corrected, further degenerative changes in the spine usually will not occur.

If a person cannot get access to a chiropractor, they should have a massage therapist gently traction their neck by pulling very gently on the head which will decompress the cervical spinal segments. In many instances, gentle forces of traction in the cervical spine can help unlock or reposition cervical spinal bones back into a normal position without an adjustment being administered. The natural anatomy of the spinal muscles that surround the spine are usually already engaged and attempting to pull the segments back into proper alignment. The traction forces will unlock the segments in some situations and the muscles will guide the bones back into their proper positions which can help retard further degenerative changes. Under no circumstances should any person attempt to manipulate their neck or someone else’s neck or make a spinal adjustment unless they are a licensed chiropractor.

In addition to this advice, gentle flexion and extension exercises of the neck (moving your neck forward and backward) can help to naturally unlock stubborn misalignments. The same exercises can be performed very gently from side to side (lateral flexion).

The key to spinal health is proper alignment of the vertebrae. Adequate motion of spinal joints also helps the joints become healthier for many reasons that I will not have the time to cover in this short article.

People with Cervical Arthrosis should limit the amount of time they spend on a computer or watching television. In other words, you don’t want to keep the neck in a constant and fixed position throughout the entire day. Also try to find a very comfortable cervical pillow that can assure a good night’s rest without placing undue stress on the neck bones.

I hope this information will be helpful to someone.


The health information that has been written on this website is not intended to replace a professional relationship between a patient and a health care specialist nor is it intended as medical advice. Readers are encouraged to make health care decisions based upon their own independent research!

Introducing Michael Morris Book Released on Amazon.com

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

In an earlier post this year, I promised I would inform readers when my latest book, “Introducing Michael Morris: The Beginning of the End Game”  was officially released for distribution. That publication has now been released and can be purchased on Amazon.com.

product_thumbnail (1)In my writing career to date, I have authored and published 20 books. While it is true that all of my writings, whether designed for entertainment or personal and professional instruction, attempt to educate the members of society about what I believe are very important subjects, I  am convinced this latest book is the most important text I have ever written.



A recent Amazon Reviewer from Chattanooga, TN wrote about the following:

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The Recent Measles Scare: More Vaccination Propaganda in Play

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net 

scan0003457Long before the development and introduction of a measles vaccine, children worldwide would contract this childhood disease and recover in a relatively short period of time without complications and with true lifelong immunity. The same could be also said in regards to cases of Mumps and Rubella. (1)

The childhood diseases are believed by some health care specialists to be a natural primer to the human immune system. In other words, children that contract these diseases prior to puberty can benefit from a stronger and more efficient immune system response against other and more potentially devastating health challenges later in life.

At the center of the vaccination controversy is the well documented anger of many families that have had to endure pain and suffering because their children were permanently harmed or killed from adverse vaccine reactions. A family asking for compensation for damages stemming from vaccine injuries to their child is not a new concept. Pharmaceutical companies, in the past, have had to pay out large monetary awards in an effort to settle lawsuits generated from vaccination injuries to small children.

Recently, new legislation has been passed that limits the monetary awards parents can recover when seeking damages caused from vaccine injuries. Such cases are now heard in a special vaccine injury court. This venue limits all monetary awards at $250,000. In addition to that, it is quite cumbersome to enter specialized vaccine courts and many cases are thrown out before they get started. Unlike other courtroom scenarios, the vaccine cases are heard by a special vaccine judge and you can pretty much imagine how biased and unfair, in the direction of the pharmaceutical manufacturers, this process has become.

Despite the tremendous risks associated with vaccinating children and the relatively benign nature of most childhood diseases as well as other maladies being protected against, the pharmaceutical industry has managed to brainwash most parents and health care consumers into believing that the human body is completely defenseless against a never ending assortment of deadly microbes.

Most recently, a measles outbreak originating in California in the Disneyland Park has been promoted ad nauseum by the corporately owned mainstream media. It has reached the point of becoming a witch hunt on many news programs as people have been featured on television calling out parents that have chosen not to vaccinate their children for fear of what these very harmful drugs can potentially do to their children. All of this rubbish came about because 84 people in the entire United States have been infected by measles in 2015 as of this writing. This is craziness and a lot of propaganda being promoted by Big Pharma.

My point of contention remains quite simple and logical to understand. If the people getting vaccinated feel unsafe due to the fact that others around them are unvaccinated, how effective can the vaccines really be? The truth be told, the vaccines are not very effective at all. And the medical profession over the years has alluded to this fact in their professional journals.

An article written in JAMA, May, 1990 stated, “In an era when physicians are relatively unfamiliar with the disease, failure to detect measles in some vaccinated people will lead to calculation of artificially low attack rates for the vaccinated population.” (2)

It appears when one reviews the large number of claims being made today that a lot of children might be getting needlessly harmed from vaccines. This is not something that can be hidden, any longer, as the complaints continue to pile up in the vaccine courts and the accusatory finger has been pointed in the face of the Medical Establishment for their involvement in possibly causing more harm than good when it comes to the vaccine issue.

Some health care experts believe that vaccines are very dangerous drugs and make people weaker, sicker, and more vulnerable to diseases they would otherwise not have to contend with. Some doctors also believe that these medicines do not create immunity and that the vaccine ingredients are toxic beyond belief and bad for all human beings.

In 1998, the prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, published a controversial paper that linked MMR vaccinations to Autism. The MMR vaccine is a preventive, medicinal concoction against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella.

According to mainstream health sources, The Lancet article caused a major panic in the minds of parents in both Britain and the United States. Because of the study, many parents chose not to vaccinate their children and opted for safer measures to maintain the health and well being of younger family members. (3)

An independent investigative journalist, Brian Deer, determined that the author of the famous article, Andrew Wakefield, M.D., had manipulated evidence in his study and had also broken several ethical standards within the field of research. As a result of Deer’s investigation, Wakefield’s study was retracted by The Lancet in 2010. Dr. Wakefield was later reprimanded by the medical profession and stripped of his license to practice medicine. (4)

The news about the Wakefield Study being retracted was given worldwide exposure by the corporately, owned mainstream media. In fact, anytime a person attempts to type anything relating to vaccines and Autism into an Internet search engine, the results are littered with references about the now famous retraction of the Wakefield study. How convenient and considerate it was for the news services to have provided this information for all health care consumers in the world.

Since the retraction of the study, many health care professionals have indicated that the Wakefield article was singled out and crushed by representatives of Big Pharma in order to protect the vaccine industry. Obviously, a lot of money was at stake in the way of potential lawsuits against vaccine makers, as well as the British and United States governments. Enough said!

One impressive article that was featured in the online publication, Natural News.com, implied that several of the key players responsible for having the Wakefield study retracted were tied to major pharmaceutical companies that had deep financial interests in the vaccine industry. (5)

As has been reported for a very longtime by many independent researchers, Big Pharma seems to have very rigid ties to medical research as well as the journals that publish medical studies. (6) These corporations have the ultimate power to greatly influence research so that the studies being released each year routinely support the petrochemical industry’s products. They also appear to have the power to erase important studies that slip through the cracks and speak out against the dangers of various medicines.

To this day, Dr. Wakefield maintains his innocence and credibility regarding the famous 1998 paper. (7) As is the case with many things in this world, if you want to know the truth about a particular situation, you simply follow the money trail.

Very simply written, the immunization industry remains the holy grail of modern medicine and is carefully protected by followers and financiers within the church of medicine. Any health care practitioner that attempts to shed light on the dangers associated with vaccinating our children can expect to be ridiculed, attacked, or ostracized from their profession. And for those individuals that doubt the authenticity of such claims, they only have to look at the unfair treatment of Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

What do you think about this subject?


(1) What About Immunizations? Exposing The Vaccine Philosophy: A Parent’s Guide to the Vaccination Decision – Cynthia Cournoyer – © 1991 Fifth Edition Nelson’s Books

(2) E. Markowitz, S.R. Preblud, W.A. Orenstein, et al. “Patterns of Transmissions in measles outbreaks in the United States, 1985-1986.” New England Journal of Medicine 1989; 320:75-81, as cited by Randall Neustaedter, The Immunization Decision: A Guide For Parents.

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Did Super Bowl Halftime Show Symbolize Illuminati Sacrifice Ritual?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net 

scan0003457On Sunday, February 1, 2015 the National Football League (NFL) hosted Super Bowl XLIX at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. This particular sports venue was watched by over 114 million viewers in the United States alone and by millions of other people worldwide.

As I have explained in previous articles, the Illuminati masters like to foretell everything they plan to do by revealing their machinations in cryptic messages at very large venues that attract millions of viewers. Entertainment events like the Grammy Awards and sporting events like the Super Bowl are often chosen by the Illuminati to reveal important messages to an unsuspecting public. When the public unknowingly embrace and celebrate the cryptic messages, they are actually giving their universal consent for everything to proceed as planned.

The halftime entertainment at this year’s game was performed by recording artists, Katie Perry, Lenny Kravitz, and Missy Elliott. After reviewing the performance on several occasions since Sunday’s big game, I have to seriously wonder if what the record breaking audience witnessed was something a lot more sinister than just another well choreographed musical and theatrical show. Was there some kind of deeper meaning secretly hidden within this performance? Did the Illuminati once again use a very large venue to showcase to the world what they are planning in regards to managing the world’s business?

Let me begin by writing that this year’s performance appeared to have a lot of Illuminati symbolism throughout the show. The entertainment at halftime began by what looked to be an alien space ship that beamed a large light inside the stadium. This was followed by Katie Perry entering the stage on a large mechanical tiger that was covered in pyramids. Perry rode the tiger singing her hit song, “Roar” which included lyrics about fire. In fact, the entire performance was filled with references about fire. Perry’s dress was not an exception to the theme of the day as it too featured a pattern of bright flames from top to bottom.

There was also a segment of the performance that turned the stadium’s field into a large chessboard complete with game pieces. In Illuminati circles this is often thought to symbolize the elite’s maneuvering and control of citizens (pawns) in everyday life.

The chessboard, when viewed from above the stadium, took on the unmistakable appearance of a very large eye that covered the entire playing field. This, undoubtedly, symbolized the Illuminati’s future vision for our world, total control of everything on the planet. This important scene within the ceremony told anybody paying attention that the few definitely control the many.

The significance of fire in this year’s program was unmistakable and not by accident in my opinion. Fire often signifies the rebirth of something in the eyes of the powers that be. The Phoenix is a mythological bird that cyclically regenerates after bursting into flames. Mythology teaches us that the Phoenix is closely associated with the sun and gives rise to a new bird after its predecessor turns to ashes in a fiery blaze of glory. This entire fiery performance had Illuminati and Masonic handwriting all over it. It is interesting to note that Phoenix, AZ is positioned at a latitude of 33 degrees which is a significant number in the eyes of the ancient order of Freemasonry.

The end of the performance featured Katie Perry being carried away on a fiery star singing her hit song, “Firework.”

What does all of this mean? Perhaps it means that the current world order is being burned to the ground and out of its ashes will grow a new world order that will control and dominate the Earth. Was this halftime program a symbolic Illuminati sacrifice that used the modality of fire to drive home the agenda at hand?

What about the strange timing of the Bobbi Kristina Brown incident that preceded the Super Bowl on Saturday, January 31? Was her bathtub incident a sacrificial offering by the Illuminati? Was Brown’s tragic bathtub incident connected to the Super Bowl halftime show? Will she be declared brain dead and removed from life support prior to the Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 8, 2015? These are all very interesting questions at the very least.

The powers that be have great influence on the entertainment industry and everything else for that matter. They are absolutely serious about the agenda that is currently in progress.

This agenda is not an attack on Christianity nor is it attack on other monotheistic religions like so many people falsely believe. The powers that be want people to believe that their agenda is against specific religions which the Illuminati masters created long ago. This is a disinformation campaign within a disinformation campaign. Very complex strategies are definitely at work here.

There are no demons from hell running the Illuminati blueprint we are all witnessing. Demons from hell have not built intelligently designed structures all over our moon. This is an alien agenda and it has been in play for a very long time.

What do you think about this subject?

Goodbye My Dear Friend!

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net 

scan0003457I don’t usually like to use this platform to discuss personal happenings in my life. Today I will make an exception to the policy.

This morning my wife, daughter and I lost a very dear friend, our 10 year old Labrador Retriever, Molly.

As many readers already know from personal experiences, the close bond that often forms between people and animals can be just as strong as any bond between two human beings. The emotional pain that is perceived by anyone experiencing the loss and separation of a loved one is sometimes worse than physical pain. In fact, sometimes emotional pain is also accompanied by physical pain in such situations.


Earlier today, our family made a collective decision to end our Molly’s life because she was no longer experiencing a quality of life that she had become accustomed to and deserved.

As I drove my dear friend to the Humane Society where her life would end, I couldn’t help but reflect back on the many good times we all experienced as a family. I cried almost the entire way there and back home again. I didn’t think I would be so emotional over the loss of our family dog, but I was wrong.

I believe all living things on this planet have soul fragments and I am proud and honored to have been afforded the opportunity to take care of this wonderful soul for a very short period of time.

Sometimes the ultimate gift of love is being able to let a loved one go before you want to so that they can fulfill their special journey in this amazing universe. This is the gift we gave Molly today. We will miss you, Molly. I will miss you my dear friend.


Are UFO’s and Extraterrestrial Civilizations Already Interacting with Earth?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net


As long as we continue to believe in conventional themes, the real rulers of our world will continue to maintain their covert control over us. The global elite management team that continues to greatly influence our perceptions regarding world happenings does not want the vast majority of people to know about extraterrestrial cultures currently interacting with our planet’s governments.

There are many reasons why public disclosure of this material has been forbidden. The fact of the matter is that aliens and UFOs are real and not all reported cases can be routinely dismissed as computer generated images and balloons floating harmlessly across the sky.

There are, undoubtedly, several major reasons why “the powers that be” have not publicly disclosed information proving the existence of extraterrestrial beings and that contact has already been established by certain people on this planet.

If one thinks about this subject with complete objectivity, it is easy to figure out that public disclosure of technologically advanced alien beings would create some serious problems for the corporate elitists that really run the world.

The technological advancements alone, that these global space travelers have brought to the table, would forever change the way energy systems were used on our planet. Huge corporations, that currently hold humanity as debt slaves, would lose their wealth and, ultimately, the power they so vehemently crave. Can you imagine a world where every person had access to free energy? Can you imagine not having to pay for an electric bill or for fuel for an automobile?

What you and I might consider a good thing for global citizens, and our environment, is considered a nightmare by powerful industrialists that currently dominate and control the geopolitical structure of Earth. The elite’s fear of losing control of their slaves is a major prohibitive factor concerning the public disclosure of ET civilizations.

It’s time for people to wake up and understand that what we think we know about our planet is not an accurate depiction of reality.



Illuminati Symbolism in Corporate Logos

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net


The 13 Illuminati families managing the world’s business usually like to stay well behind the scenes of newsworthy events. But these Illuminati masters almost always, and without exception, feel compelled to leave a trademark signature that indicates their involvement or sponsorship of something. In most instances these cryptic signatures are positioned right in front of the general public.

The vast majority of people fail to realize that they regularly embrace, with open arms, many creations of the bloodline families.

The reason Illuminati families cleverly hide so many symbols right in front of the eyes of everyday citizens is so that the general public will see the information but fail to recognize its importance in shaping society’s perception of the world.

The bloodline families understand very well that when the general public embraces a specific product encoded with their signature, it makes their agenda come to fruition. The Illuminati families also understand that the public’s ignorance about a specific message is not an excuse in the eyes of the universe. The powers that be know that as long as they provide, symbolically, what their true intentions are and reveal those intentions for all to see, the agenda will succeed. It does not matter if a person fails to see or understand the messages being delivered. It only matters that the person accepts and embraces the products, services, or ceremonies being offered.

The Illuminati families have always worked on behalf of entities that are literally not from this world. They are interdimensional beings that can fluctuate between different frequencies or realities. They feed, like parasites, on the energy vibrations that human beings regularly transmit. The vibrations are nutritious for these interdimensional beings. They especially like the taste of human vibrations when they come from people that are afraid, frustrated, and angry. This is why everything reported through media outlets is designed to elicit negative emotions in most people. This is also why entertainment products (movies, news, and books) are heavily centered on themes that include violence and murder.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how symbols are commonly used by the Illuminati in our modern world. The process has been traditionally accomplished by hiding certain symbols in corporate logos.

What do you think  about this subject?