The Highly Profitable Vaccine Industry

By Melissa Reizer Staff Writer at NoFakeNews Some of the biggest profits earning corporations in the world are pharmaceutical companies. Add vaccines to the list of products a particular company offers to potential healthcare consumers, and those financial rewards are that much larger. Regardless of your position on the controversial subject of vaccines, it’s easy […]

The Only Safe Vaccine is One that is Never Used!

By Dr. John Reizer Founder of NoFakeNews The vaccine theory is a well protected genre within the field of medicine. In other words, if anyone speaks or writes negatively about vaccines, he or she is immediately attacked by the medical industrial complex. This is especially true with regards to anti vaccine articles authored online. There are a plethora of paid shills employed by […]

David Icke’s Best Presentation Ever

By Gina Flores Editor at NoFakeNews Another great video presentation by David Icke that our readers should take the time to watch. A lot of conspiracy researchers and seminar speakers would never have the courage to discuss this subject matter. Watch the video below:

The Manipulation of Media Messages by Special Interest Groups

By Gina Flores Editor at I definitely had to make this video available for our readers. It has to do with manipulation of media messages by special interest groups. Drug companies, political groups, government agencies, and many other special interest groups regularly set out to create false paradigms for a non suspecting and gullible public. This […]