Drug Companies Are Not In Business To Make You Healthy

By Dr. John Reizer
Editor at NoFakeNews.net

Like any business, drug companies want more customers. Unlike any other business, these multinational corporations, unfortunately, have the means to create lifelong customers because they can get their prospects chemically addicted to dangerous, synthetic compounds that have been specifically designed for just that purpose.

Think about the people in your life that take prescription medicines. You probably know an aunt or an uncle that takes a pill to control hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, or some other chronic condition. Maybe the person you know taking a prescribed drug is a parent or a sibling. Maybe you’re the person addicted to a prescription drug. How long have you been taking the same pill for a medically, diagnosed condition? Has it been days, weeks, months or years? Chances are good that the people you know taking prescription drugs have been doing so for an extended period of time. Chances are equally good that the people you know taking medications aren’t planning on kicking their habits anytime soon.

The drug companies are in business to create and sell addictive, chemical products perceived by the members of society to be necessary in order to create a healthy, functioning body. People actually believe, in today’s world, the only way to control Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol is through prescription drugs. The average person doesn’t give much consideration to the idea of getting off the sofa to partake in an exercise program. Most people want instant gratification. They want to be healthy without having to put serious effort into their campaigns. They’d rather take a prescription drug than walk a few miles everyday to improve some flagged chemistry profile that was discovered in a lab test ordered by a physician.

There are many health care experts openly questioning recommended, published guidelines pertaining to blood pressure and cholesterol. For years, allopathic medicine supported the idea that a good systolic blood pressure was 100 + a person’s age. If a person was 65 years old, an acceptable blood pressure reading, according to the old guidelines, was around 165/80. But that didn’t bode well for Big Pharma’s plan to medicate most of the U.S. population. The solution, lower the published guidelines so millions of people could instantly be reclassified as having hypertension. Suddenly, there was a need for a lot more drugs to be prescribed to all those people diagnosed with high blood pressure.

It’s the opinion of some natural health care practitioners that cholesterol guidelines have also been published at a lower level than is attainable by the body through natural measures. The current guidelines are practically unattainable without synthetic drugs. There are serious questions being asked, by some scientists, about the dangers of Statin drugs which artificially lower cholesterol levels in human beings, and about how low cholesterol might negatively impact the immune system over time.

As long as there continues to be lazy and apathetic people in the world, drug companies will continue to prosper in the current health care market. It’s pretty ironic that we commonly associate the drug business with health care when, in fact, it’s sickness care this industry and its associated professions are pedaling.

The countless drugs being produced by a myriad of companies are not designed to make people healthy. They are designed to control and suppress the symptoms associated with physiological disorders. Many of these symptoms are important and strategic attempts by the body to naturally heal bodily tissues.

To heal the body from the inside out is a concept not often addressed, for the most part, by members of organized medicine or the pharmaceutical industry. To address, in a public forum, the idea that human beings could possibly resolve physiological obstacles without the use of synthetically made products, that have U.S. and international patents firmly attached to them, would be considered pseudo-science by many traditional health care professionals. Individual doctors and scientists having the nerve to broach, publicly, any ideas that might rub friction into conventional, medical dogma of the present day, are usually ostracized from their colleagues, supervisors, and profession. To go against the grain, in the medical world, is to commit professional suicide.

The drug corporations; the medical schools and associated textbooks they produce for such institutions; the insurance companies they indirectly own or control; the media companies that sponsor drug advertisements or are directly owned by parent companies that have ownership ties to drug companies; the research scientists that are paid by funds coming from institutions and grants with close ties to drug companies, and the profitability factor associated with selling pharmaceutical products that are inexpensive to produce and sold, in many instances, at a 1000% markup in price to health care consumers are the enabling components allowing this national health crisis to continue year after year. Meanwhile, we have politicians and people up in arms, arguing about what’s the best way to pay for prescription drugs that are killing many of us. Forget about paying for this crap. We need to stop producing these poisons right now if we ever hope to get people back to a true state of health.

The statistics compiled by the World Health Organization (WHO) demonstrate a very disturbing trend for people living in America. Despite the fact our nation has the best and most sophisticated health care technology in the world, we continue to have a lot of unhealthy people walking around. If one were to put two and two together, a simple conclusion could be drawn that would clearly point to prescription drugs as being the major culprit that’s been dragging the entire nation’s health status into the toilet when compared to other countries throughout the world keeping similar statistics.

As I’ve written many times before, in various books and articles, Big Pharma does not gain anything, from a financial perspective, by developing products that would cure any specific disease process. To find a cure is counter productive to the drug industry’s goal of expanding its business. To find a cure means, in effect, to destroy business. There’s no money to be made when people are functioning in a healthy manner. The money and potential profit are all based on a nation filled with sick and dying citizens. The more sick people there are, the better the profits will be for Big Pharma.

Most of what health care consumers understand about health has come from textbooks and media presentations that are completely controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. With today’s media construct, there are very few sources people can access to get reliable, unbiased information on the subject of health. At NoFakeNews, we are attempting to provide readers with reliable information about health and other important subjects.

On a closing note, I believe it’s important to remind everybody to become active participants when it comes to their health and well being. Commit to a daily exercise program; drink plenty of clean, non-fluoridated water; eat a healthy, balanced diet, and refrain from visiting medical physicians unless you encounter an emergency situation that cannot be stabilized without the presence of medical personnel. By following common sense, when reviewing options that might affect your health, you can decrease the odds of becoming dependent on prescription drugs and being harmed by drug companies that are not in business to make you healthy.


The health information that has been written on this website is not intended to replace a professional relationship between a patient and a health care specialist nor is it intended as medical advice. Readers are encouraged to make health care decisions based upon their own independent research!

Update From Our Sources Regarding November 11, 2017

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews


Lots of interesting things happening in my crazy life. Getting ready for another trip back to Europe. I will be out of the states until January 4. I had a crazy and hectic weekend down here in Atlanta, but the two days were very productive as I was briefed and updated about the “significant event” that we have published and discussed on the website.

The way that I receive updates about this subject is something that is quite unbelievable. I am not able to elaborate about any of the specifics regarding how this process occurs, but I can assure readers that the process involves lots of travel as well as other obstacles that prevent our sources from feeling uncomfortable. It’s kind of like something out of a spy movie. Regardless of the escapades I have been involved with in the past 48 hours, I have some additional information to report so here it goes.

The sources we have access to have explained that the way they are able to make such a bold prediction concerning 11/11/17 is because of their knowledge and more importantly their abilities to have direct access to individuals that are intimately involved with time altering technology. These sources originally approached us, not the other way around. They read Dr. Reizer’s materials and specifically the Michael Morris writings and were impressed enough to make a contact with our website. The rest of the story is a bit like science fiction to be perfectly honest with readers.

To explain this in the simplest way possible is a bit of a challenge for me. I am not a mathematician nor an expert in physics or quantum mechanics. But I am learning about this subject matter and can understand the generalities associated with the theories. The math that is involved with these theories is another subject altogether.

Our sources have figured out a probability index regarding the 11/11/17 event. I cannot understand the math, but then again I don’t need to. I will have to take their words to be representative of the truth. We will see what happens as time marches on. Based on many things that are happening around the world each day, our sources and their contacts can evidently figure out the chances, in terms of percentages, that 11/11/17 will or will not happen.

According to our sources, the realities associated with our world are constantly being manipulated by powerful groups that have the technologies at their disposal to keep replaying the days of the week over and over again in different time frequencies. So in other words, they can keep playing the same day or days or months over and over again and they can make sure that certain events occur the way they want them to. This will then change and influence the way things happen in the future on that timeline. It will also have a great influence on many other timelines including the timeline that we are cognizant of here and embrace as being reality.

I hope you can understand all of that because I know it’s really confusing. Just understand that the way things are happening here in life are not necessarily random by nature. There are certain people in the know that can predict things well in advance because the events have already been designed to occur in other timelines that influence our timeline. WOW!

Right now they are telling us that the 11/11/17 significant event has a 91% chance of becoming a reality in our timeline. There is also a 9% chance it will not take place or it will take place sooner or later. We are being told that these percentages can change by the day and that we will be kept informed. We will keep readers informed as well.

We will continue to write articles here in the next couple of months, but they may be few and far between until after the New Year. If anything important breaks, we’ll publish updates. Look for more regular posts in January, 2016.

Dr. Reizer Talks About Chemtrails Over Spartanburg, SC (YouTube Video)

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net


I have written several articles on this website regarding the subject of chemtrails. This morning, while driving my daughter to school, I was greeted with the most aggressive display of chemtrail spraying I have ever witnessed.

Spartanburg, SC was the target this morning (October 29, 2015) and it turned an absolutely beautiful sunny day into a cloudy and rainy one. The forecast this fine Carolina morning was for sunny skies and temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  The chance of rain was listed by the National Weather Service at around 5-10%,  and the precipitation was expected to fall later in the day or early in the evening. After the rain began to fall, the local forecasts were modified online to reflect what was transpiring in the Spartanburg region.

I have to believe that the chemtrails littering the skies above my home produced the rain that fell for a good portion of the morning and into the early afternoon.

I produced a YouTube video concerning the spraying that took place this morning which can be viewed below. I have also included below a few of the many photographs I captured earlier today.





ChanceIt: A New Miracle Drug for the Common Cold

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews

There’s really good news for everybody suffering from the common cold. Sham Stock Pharmaceuticals has just released its latest drug, ChanceIt® for limited use in the United States. Unfortunately, no other countries in the world wanted to take advantage of the company’s newest product at this time.

Sham Stock Pharmaceuticals was kind enough to advance NoFakeNews.net a copy of the product’s marketing video which can be viewed below.

Is The US Government Suppressing the Truth About Chemtrails?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews

The subject of chemtrails has long been debated by many people all over the world. If you or I were to start a discussion at a social gathering of friends about the strange cloud formations that litter our skies, the people we hypothetically interact with might label us as lunatics or conspiracy theorists.

As a nation, we’ve been observing the formation of chemtrails overhead since the mid 1990’s and yet the vast majority of people have little understanding about their existence, purpose, and effect on the environment and human life. What are these strange cloud formations? Who owns the airplanes that are constantly spraying the crisscrossing lines that are regularly fogging up our beautiful blue skies?

There are numerous theories being tossed around that attempt to explain what chemtrails are. Some researchers believe that the spraying of these clouds is an attempt to sedate and depopulate the world. Other groups believe it is an alien agenda that has the goal of terraforming the Earth for a future extraterrestrial invasion. Finally, there’s the theory that claims the cloud formations are made up of tiny metallic particles that are being intentionally sprayed into the atmosphere for the purpose of controlling weather patterns.

Whatever the truth might be regarding chemtrails and weather modification technology, it’s more apparent than ever before that the United States Government doesn’t want its scientists and weather people discussing the topic in a public forum.

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E. Coli In Two Meningococcal Vaccines!

By Gina Flores

Editor at NoFakeNews

Each and everyday there continues to be more information that comes out exposing the corruption and crimes that Big Pharma is perpetrating on citizens all over the world. The process of vaccinating human beings is an ingenious way to plant the seeds of deadly diseases inside all of us. Be smart and do your own research. If you are content with being complacent or apathetic, you will be another victim of organized healthcare.

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Have a nice weekend!

Gina  :)