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The British Medical Journal: Mammograms are Useless and Harmful!

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

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A new study that was recently published in The British Medical Journal shows that there is absolutely no medical benefit whatsoever for women between the ages of 41-59 considering mammography for the routine screening of breast cancers. According to the published study that was conducted over a 25 year period of time and included 90,000 women, mammograms are not reliable for detecting breast cancers and they can cause many women to be misdiagnosed. The misdiagnosed women patients are then subjected to unnecessary treatments that are extremely dangerous.

An article that was published in the February 12, 2014 edition of the New York Times discussed the finer points of the British study. The research performed and released in the mainstream media has created even more doubt, in the minds of women throughout America, about this very controversial modality.

For many years healthcare researchers have publicly aired their concerns about the risks associated with breast cancer screenings.

The release of this report will likely be a bitter pill for many in the medical community to swallow. Mammography is a cash cow and not something that traditional medicine and the petrochemical industry want perceived in a negative light. Like other questionable medical modalities that have come under public scrutiny, there will be a lot of damage control offered up by the traditional Medical Establishment in response to this research. You can count on an onslaught of strategic attacks that will be launched at the study. You can be sure that many medical experts will come out and tell the gullible public that the study has inherent flaws and that the research should not be trusted.

The British study demonstrates that some research being performed is truthful and not compromised by Big Pharma. It is quite refreshing to see that a study of this magnitude was able to see the light of day.

What do you think about this subject?

Expression or Suppression: What Does Traditional Healthcare Really Offer Society?

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

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One very hot topic that continues to be debated in the mainstream and alternative news is Obamacare. For most Americans it is an important goal to be able to secure affordable health insurance for family members. Serious health problems requiring a stay in a hospital for a few days or longer can create financial havoc for lots of people. Everything that a family has managed to save over the course of their lives can be wiped out from a single trip to an emergency room followed by a need for extended medical services.

While I believe it is important to secure adequate protection against potentially devastating medical bills through the acquisition of health insurance, I also believe it is important for healthcare consumers to understand what traditional healthcare objectives really offer members of society. In addition, it is important for people to become cognizant of what health insurance products allow healthcare consumers to have access to in the way of traditional healthcare services.

When we write about traditional healthcare services it is important to understand that the large majority of said services fall under the category of “suppression” based therapies. In other words, the therapies/treatments are designed to suppress the natural healing tendencies that are innately attached to human physiological systems. For example, a patient that has high blood pressure is commonly given a drug that blocks a portion of the nervous system that increases blood pressure in the individual. Regardless of whether or not the increase in blood pressure is physiologically beneficial to the patient (and in many cases the increase in blood pressure is very beneficial to the body as it prevents the person from having a loss of vital blood flow to important organs, tissues, and cells) the suppression based therapy is always administered to achieve the desired result, a lowered blood pressure reading. Millions of people are walking the streets of many communities with artificially suppressed blood pressure readings due to their consumption of medicines that suppress the human nervous system. Artificially manufactured lowered blood pressure readings in patients do not make them healthier. The suppression of human physiology is dangerous and not a pathway to better health.

Another example of a suppression based therapy is the common practice of fever reduction. Traditional medicine offers healthcare consumers drugs that artificially eliminate fever in patients. The ability of the body to successfully destroy bacteria and viruses naturally is accomplished through its ability to create fever. Billions of dollars are earned annually by pharmaceutical companies that own patents attached to fever reducing drugs. Although the suppression of fever in human physiology is admired and thought beneficial by most laypersons, it is, in actuality, a process that allows a viral or bacterial microbe to thrive. It is a process that creates an impediment to the natural healing tendencies of the human immune system.

While it is true that traditional medical services can help save a person’s life in an emergency situation, it is also true that the same medical objectives can harm people and make them less healthy when the medical services being applied are being done so to manage patients over extended periods of time.

Many alternative healthcare professions are more successful in keeping people healthy than traditional medicine because the practice objectives of these professions are based on expression based therapies. Expression based therapies are designed to remove interferences within human beings that preclude the body physiology from functioning properly. In the end, expression based therapies allow a better expression of human physiology which improves the overall health of human beings. Unfortunately, most of these professions and their practice objectives are not covered services within the construct of many health insurance plans.

What do you think about this subject?

Alternative Health Care: Why it is Constantly Attacked

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

 reizer3Throughout the relatively short history of modern health care there have been continuous attempts to undermine the credibility of alternative healthcare professions. Very powerful organizations have carefully designed and implemented impressive strategies to make natural healthcare disciplines and their practitioners look like quacks and charlatans. Professionals are routinely hired by undisclosed, secret entities to give false interviews, write defamatory books, construct disingenuous websites, and, ultimately, participate in broad scale efforts that target healthcare consumers and help create, for them, false perceptions about natural health care practices.

The funding of these activities, although difficult to trace for the average person, obviously originate from petrochemical corporations. Due to a number of legal factors, it is often quite cumbersome to point fingers at specific business entities, as well as others that might be involved with the inner workings of such conspiratorial activities. As one might suspect, the targets and casualties on the battlefield are always the same. Any healthcare professions, modalities, or treatment protocols that go against the grain of conventional medical theories are fair game!

Debunking agents are used on a regular basis to keep society firmly aligned with the parameters of acceptable thinking regarding many genres that make up our fabric of perceived reality. This is true in the health care arena as well. Any idea or concept that challenges the accepted thinking patterns of everyday people are quickly identified and dealt with in an expeditious manner by specialists that are paid to write and publish biased comments on websites and blogs. If, for example, a large minority of the population suddenly began to question the authenticity of something that was being reported by the mainstream media, trained debunkers are always ready to spring into action. These people, through the implementation of strategic campaigns, can quickly minimize the damage being caused by a controversial voice within the population base. Broad scale debunking can make sure that the majority of the population continues to perceive reality the way that the media originally intended.

Major petrochemical companies, obviously, have a lot at stake in the very lucrative disease care industry. In order for these large multinational companies to remain profitable and powerful, society must continue to believe in certain erroneous concepts. As long as people continue to believe the maintenance of human health can be achieved through vaccines and that the suppression of symptoms in human physiology is the way to cure diseases, people will remain sick and pharmaceutical companies will continue to rake in astronomical profits.

Alternative healthcare professions often point out significant flaws that are absolutely inherent within the framework of traditional medicine’s illogical theories. Because of this fact, it has been a longstanding goal of established medicine’s controllers (Big Pharma) to retain the services of credible appearing scientists and other professionals that can write or convey damaging remarks about a particular alternative healthcare profession.

Very simply explained, when someone or something is intelligently challenging the credibility of a lucrative industry like traditional medicine, and they have damaging evidence that could blow the doors off the barn so to speak, and prove that many theoretical applications used within the medical profession are, in fact, the truest forms of quackery in existence, a major problem is created for the powers that be. The only way for Big Pharma to activate a campaign of damage control is to discredit the people and the professions that are posing the most legitimate threat, at a particular time, to established medical dogma. This is why alternative health care concepts are not embraced by science. This is why many alternative health care professions are publicly attacked and their objectives and benefits never see the light of day. What you will find out, if you take the time to study this subject matter, is that what is often promoted by the mainstream as science is actually quackery and what is often labeled by the same groups as quackery is true science.

Quite a few web addresses have been designed to make potential viewers wary of alternative healthcare services. It is easy to land on such disingenuous websites. All you have to do is find a search engine and type in an alternative healthcare practice methodology that is in opposition to traditional medicine and you will see such websites populate your computer screen. The sites all claim to be there to protect the general public from harmful alternative health care professions. Are you kidding me? Have you ever read the drug warnings that accompany prescription and non prescription drugs? Dangerous and extremely toxic drugs are what health care consumers need to be protected from, not natural health care professions and practitioners that are often licensed by state agencies to offer their beneficial services.

My advice to health care consumers that happen upon anti-alternative health care websites is to realize that this type of content is being purposely placed in the public domain by powerful organizations that have direct connections to the Medical Establishment. The ultimate goal of Big Pharma is to make healthcare consumers believe that alternative health care disciplines are all based on pseudo-scientific principles.

Remember this one important piece of information. In most situations the differences between scientific and pseudo-scientific studies have to do with who or what entities are paying for the research being performed. If a given study is being funded by a petrochemical company, that has a biased interest in the research taking place, it is usually referred to by the mainstream thinkers as scientific. If, on the other hand, a particular study is being funded by a non biased organization, or has been privately funded by someone that wants the truth to be revealed about something they have deemed important, it is often viewed by the mainstream thinkers as pseudo science.

What do you think about this subject?

Chemtrails: Are they Real?

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By Marijana Peric

Guest Writer for

CROPPED-Marijana viza

People of the world it is time to become very concerned about an extremely important subject! You are being systematically poisoned and killed like mosquitoes. It is time to wake up!

An elite weapon, that is so disgusting and difficult for the average person to comprehend, is being regularly used against human beings. In spite of continuous visual evidence that is literally right in front of our eyes, people still do not want to believe such an agenda could be happening.

I sometimes believe the average person is waiting for the elite powers that be to confess their crimes against humanity on public television.

This website has covered the subject of chemtrails before in great detail. The aerosol programs continue to cloud our skies with heavy metals such as aluminum, barium, various kinds of bacteria, insecticides, carcinogenic additives, and fungi.

There is increasing evidence that the chemical cocktails being released into the earth’s atmosphere are dangerous to human physiology. According to some sources, chemtrail toxins can accumulate inside the tissues of a human being and cause tumors, dementia, depression, headaches and genetic mutations.

There are many people in the world who do not believe that aerosol programs are currently taking place. These individuals dismiss the entire subject as nothing more than an absurd conspiracy theory. They have been trained through the years to sleepwalk through life and to ignore any pertinent facts that are presented.

Like any subject that challenges the defined borders of conventional thinking, there are always plenty of critics happy to ridicule the bearers of unconventional news. Very often the media is also complicit in deceiving the masses and plays an extensive role in helping to condemn the brave souls that are willing to stand up from the rest of the herd. In the case of chemtrails there are large numbers of people being condemned by many for their reporting of this most egregious and murderous agenda against humanity.

According to most mainstream sources, what people are witnessing everyday in our skies is nothing more than the exhaust fumes (contrails) from the engines of commercial aircraft. But the hardcore evidence paints an entirely different picture

Please access the link below and take the time to watch the video about chemtrails. See for yourself what is taking place right above our noses. Stand up and refuse to be a part of the sheeple population. Humanity’s collective future depends on your brave actions!

Traditional Chiropractic Needs Your Help!

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By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

reizer3I need your help! The Traditional Chiropractic Profession is fighting for its life. If you are a chiropractor, student of chiropractic, or a patient of chiropractic, please take the time to fill out the very short survey/petition at the bottom of this article. By doing so, you will be helping our profession and health care consumers worldwide.

In order that we can protect the chiropractic profession for future generations of patients, it is important that we let the United States Department of Education know the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) is not properly representing the Traditional Chiropractic Profession’s methods of educating students of chiropractic.

As I have written many times before on this website, chiropractic is under attack by the powers that be. Their goal, simply written, is to absorb chiropractic into another branch of medicine where they can then rewrite the profession’s objectives so that they become more aligned with medical goals. This is bad for traditional chiropractors, students of chiropractic, and most important it is bad for health care consumers that will eventually be denied access to traditional chiropractic techniques.

Please click on the link below, fill out the brief survey, and then click on the submit button. That’s all you have to do! Please do not delay as the traditional chiropractic profession will be in front of the Department of Education on December 12, 2013.

Trust me when I tell you that by supporting this petition you will be helping a lot of people throughout America and around the world!


Dr. John Reizer



The chiropractic profession needs you to take literally 3 minutes and fill out this very important survey. The survey says three things:

1) You want the CCE to put back into their Standards that in order to graduate a doctor must be competent in detecting and correcting subluxation. (That’s right the CCE took it out of the standards)

2) That the chiropractic profession is drug and surgery free and the CCE standards should reflect this. (The standards do not currently reflect this)

3) The CCE needs to change its governing structure to allow for all philosophical views to be represented in their decision making process.


These are three critical issues that the IFCO has been fighting for over two years. WE NEED PEOPLE TO INDIVIDUALLY STATE THEY ARE IN AGREEMENT BY SIGNING THIS STATEMENT.



Are Contrails (Chemtrails) and Weather Modification Technology the Real Causes of Global Warming ?

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By Dr. John L. Reizer

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Have you looked up at the sky lately and noticed anything strange? All those crisscrossing lines of contrails/exhaust plumes that are being produced by jet planes continue to appear above us on a daily basis. It’s getting to the point where the patterns of jet exhaust are so numerous that the earth’s skies are routinely being transformed from deep blue to hazy and dull.

Commercial jets have been flying above us for many years. Why is it that the presence of these strange cloud formations have only begun to show up since the mid 90′s? What is really going on? Are the contrails that linger in  the atmosphere, fan out, and grey our skies something more sinister than simple jet exhaust?

According to some knowledgeable experts and key whistle-blowers, the cloudy skies forming above us are actually the result of metal particles being intentionally released into our skies by certain aircraft. Chemtrails, as they are commonly referred to by conspiracy theorists, supposedly allow secret HAARP technology to rapidly heat up the atmosphere which directly increases or decreases the amount of rainfall in selected regions throughout the entire planet. Such weather modification techniques could, hypothetically, destroy agriculture and farming projects as well as national and global, economic prosperity. Perhaps this is the real cause of global warming. Perhaps this is what is being aggressively pushed by the powers that be and being blamed on carbon emissions?

Do you think that some governments cannot control the weather? The truth be told, weather modification technology is very real and the invention has been lawfully patented. In addition to the patented technology that exists, the United Nations has had official discussions about weather modification technologies.

Maybe the subjects of chemtrails and weather modification are not conspiracy theories after all?

What do you think about this subject?

It’s the Most Wonderful (Hectic) Time of the Year

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By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at


The holiday season is upon us once again. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most hectic times of the entire year. The holidays are usually associated with music, trips to the shopping mall, credit card purchases, long lines in department stores, decorations, parties and lots of unwanted stress.

One of the biggest challenges we all face, every December, is trying to select gifts for people that already have everything you could possibly purchase in a store.

Someone recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year. I paused for a moment to think about the question. I really had no idea what I wanted or needed in the form of a material gift. After thinking about the question for a few moments, I responded by telling the person that all I wanted for Christmas was good health.

Sometimes it becomes easy to overlook our health as we become caught up in collecting material items that are really not that important. It would be hard for me to imagine how any person could enjoy a material item without having his or her health intact.

As a doctor of chiropractic, I would like to take this opportunity to remind people that it is important to take care of their bodies. Remember to get plenty of exercise and rest on a regular basis. Also it is important to remember to eat a healthy, balanced diet that consists of a variety of nutritious foods. With all of the stress and rushing around that takes place during the holidays, it is very easy to neglect our bodies and become sick. In addition, remember to leave enough time in a busy schedule to see the chiropractor.

Chiropractic is a great way to maintain an efficient running nervous system which is ultimately responsible for keeping the body strong and in good shape so that it is able to fight off opportunistic microbes that can cause health problems.

I hope that everyone receives the gift of good health this holiday season.

Michael Morris: This is Who I am And This is How The Universe Works!

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By Michael Morris

Guest Writer for

 michaelmorrispicMy name, for all intents and purposes relative to this platform, is Michael Morris. Please feel free to think of me in any context that your mind’s eye will permit. What you decide to call me is really not important. What I am and what I represent are far more important concepts that need to be properly addressed by me at this present moment within your third dimensional state of existence.

I am a dominant soul mate of the editor of this website. We share a common Higher Realm. I am not currently living in your world, but I am able to channel information to my mate and have done so throughout most of his lifetime. By the end of this article the previously written information will actually mean something to readers.

Vast Intelligence (The Universal Creative Force of Everything Spiritual and Physical) continuously searches for ways to broaden and improve its creative properties. Vast Intelligence is not a person, nor should it be envisioned or personified as such by sentient beings that can manifest themselves as spiritual or physical entities within the parameters of particular frequency platforms. Gods are not a reality as they do not exist! Vast Intelligence is not a God and it never judges anything or anyone. It simply collects experiences and seeks to expand its knowledge base!

In very simplistic terms, you and I are both integral parts of Vast Intelligence. We both represent different expressions of Vast Intelligence within different dimensions of universal existence.

From third and fourth dimensional perspectives, where time and space properties are factors that, undoubtedly, affect and influence perceptions of reality, Vast Intelligence decided long ago to create an infinite number of opportunities to garner knowledge. It did so by creating frequency signatures that could be converted into different densities or dimensions of existence. The individual dimensions were designed to help fulfill the needs of Vast Intelligence in regards to increasing its knowledge base.

Within the incredible frameworks of Vast Intelligence’s different dimensions, there are countless expressions of Vast Intelligence being realized. The dimensional expressions are unlimited and unending. They are represented by galaxies, solar systems, planets, and sentient beings that collectively exist in varying degrees of solidness depending on how universal, subatomic particles are vibrating.

In order to maximize the process of increasing its creative knowledge base, Vast Intelligence quarantined the different dimensions of existence from one another. In other words, what was reality in one dimension was not in another. Individual expressions of Vast Intelligence (The Higher Realms) were designed to act as data banks as well as holding containers for soul groups in regards to the collection and development of knowledge theories. Vast Intelligence has and continues to have a desire to increase its knowledge by developing countless classrooms (worlds) in which smaller expressions of Vast Intelligence (Soul Groups that are attached to a specific Higher Realm) were born into various frequencies or dimensional platforms.

When souls are born into any dimensional platform, they automatically choose a biological vessel that has the unique DNA capacity that allows them to accomplish the specific goals prescribed by Vast Intelligence for a given lifetime. A group of souls, attached to a uniquely assigned Higher Realm, will incarnate on a specific planet. In many cases soul groups will migrate away from planets and choose to frequent unique frequency platforms. These worlds are similar to physically constructed planets and they are designed to host entities that are born into a dimensional existence but lack physical bodies.

In most situations there are thousands of souls attached to a unique Higher Realm. There are dominant, recessive, major, minor, and mate souls. They all agree by contract to incarnate into a world/platform in order to experience and gather knowledge for the benefit of their specific Higher Realm and Vast Intelligence.

On Earth, and on some other nearby planets within the third dimensional construct, a unique phenomenon is taking place. Certain soul groups have been redirected by the Higher Realms of another quarantined dimension. As a result of this situation, there are, presently, many interdimensional interactions occurring on Earth that were never prescribed by Vast Intelligence.

In the most simplistic explanation that can possibly be offered, I will write that the humans living on Earth are being influenced by a group of souls that are not supposed to be in your dimension of existence. They are, by definition, interdimensional souls that have inappropriately incarnated into biological vessels and they are addicted to the experiences and expressions that are offered on Earth and some other third dimensional platforms. These entities are the elite bloodlines that control the major political decisions in your world.

The interdimensional souls that have taken up residence on your Earth have greatly influenced your planet’s governments. This is a very complex situation and not easily understood by the average human being. This is not a jab at human intellectuality. It is an accurate depiction of the current situation and a direct byproduct of your in-house genetic wiring. Human beings have been genetically modified by these interdimensional entities in such a way that they are incapable of accurately sensing the total reality that surrounds them. Because of genetic modifications within the human DNA, people of Earth have limited life spans; limited immune systems, and a very limited awareness of the third dimensional construct they exist in.

When humans die (the physical death of the biological vessel) they are not supposed to reincarnate into another biological vessel until they undergo a proper review process. The soul groupings on your world have been hijacked by interdimensional Higher Realms and they are siphoning energy and other properties from third dimensional entities that they are not entitled to interact with. Humans are recycling back into newer biological vessels, without proper review, because of these unauthorized interdimensional interactions. Human souls are, presently, caught inside a time loop and are in trouble. They have been artificially prevented from ascending the natural dimensional ladder that has been designed and prescribed by Vast Intelligence.

What Vast Intelligence represents beyond the descriptions I have written about in this article is difficult to describe with mere words. Vast Intelligence is a subset of other forms of order/intelligence. There are different universes and they all have intelligent design and order attached to them. Of course that is a completely different story.

More to follow…

New Polio Outbreak in Syria? Not Really!

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By Michael Morris

Guest Writer for

 michaelmorrispicOn several of the platforms I have been writing for, numerous questions have recently materialized regarding reports coming from the mainstream news about polio outbreaks in Syria.

I will preface my post here by writing that even those of us in other dimensions of existence sometimes have to take a moment in time (something we really cannot do where we exist) to laugh at the ridiculous, but quite predictable, amount of fecal material that is often produced and then distributed as news to third dimensional human beings.

The WHO (World Health Organization) is a completely controlled enterprise by the powers that be on your Earth. They invent health epidemics when necessary to advance specific agendas. The intended goal in Syria, presently, is to create the pretense of a dangerous polio epidemic in order that a massive vaccination campaign can be initiated for the citizens in that region of the world. The campaign will play on human emotions, pointing out fabrications about children being paralyzed and helpless because they cannot get adequate medical attention.

Polio, which has always been cited by world health authorities in your world as a disease that was eradicated by vaccination campaigns, was never actually eradicated by vaccine programs. The truth be told, polio cases decreased in the United States and other parts of the world because better sanitation and sewage systems were invented and placed into service in many locations on your planet.

In addition to better public sanitation practices being implemented, the health agencies that kept records of polio cases in the past were instructed by the powers that be to begin recording polio manifestations as viral meningitis infections. As soon as this practice began, polio related cases diminished very rapidly, statistically speaking. It is interesting to note that the practice of renaming polio as viral and other forms of meningitis coincided, in time, with the introduction of a massive polio vaccination program in certain parts of the world.

What you need to remember from this post is that vaccinations are used, in reality, to destabilize and weaken earthly populations that have been targeted for elimination. It is a clever way to defeat a large number of people while blaming their eventual demise on famine and disease. This is what is happening in Syria today.

More to follow later…

Yes, It Has Already Begun! Have You Sensed the Changes Yet?

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By Michael Morris

Guest Writer for

 michaelmorrispicYes, it has already begun and there’s no denying the fact that the newer frequencies, presently being converted into solid matter by human DNA, are directly impacting all human beings. This change in universal frequency transmissions will, ultimately, transform third dimensional Earth into a fourth dimensional world. This has been the intent of Vast Intelligence all along.

Despite the vigorous attempts of the Controllers to try and prevent human DNA’s natural evolvement, Earth’s transformation from one dimension to another will continue to take place and there is nothing that can be done to stop the process.

The Controllers of your world have siphoned energy from all human beings for the longest time, when measured from a third dimensional perspective. They would like to prevent the planetary dimensional shift, currently in progress, from taking place. The Controllers enjoy the positions of power they maintain over the manager elites and other third dimensional beings living on Earth. A change in dimensional expression will end the current reign of power the Controllers maintain over Earth, Mars and other platforms that will be affected.

Although time and space will continue to be relevant factors in a fourth dimensional setting for all humans, the perceptibilities of said factors will be noticeably different for people once they are removed from a third dimensional construct.

Have you sensed the changes yet? Have you noticed that the illusions associated with time-space scenarios are becoming increasingly strained? Have you heard others making comments relating to the idea that time seems to be speeding up? Do you feel these changes? Do years seem like months? Do months seem like days? Do days seem like they are only a few hours long? As the new frequencies stream into your world, the effects will become more palpable to the average person. A change in human awareness is becoming more apparent worldwide! It is a natural phenomenon and many people of Earth are already becoming aware that something very strange is taking place.


As the newer universal frequencies continue to be received by human DNA, its double helix structure will continue to be affected. Once the DNA has been adequately modified, and the human vessel has been changed to an extent that allows for it to suitably adapt to a fourth dimensional world, the newly structured DNA will begin to convert universal frequencies into a fourth dimensional model. This is how a dimensional conversion occurs.

The overall process of transforming Earth into a fourth dimensional planet has been delayed due to the fact that the Controllers have created various mechanisms that have temporarily delayed the genotypic transformation of the planet’s living organisms. This has been accomplished on many levels. I am talking about complex and simple structured biological vessels. This interference pattern has affected the phenotypic expression of all life forms on Earth. This is why your population has been forced to embrace vaccinations, chemtrails, genetically modified crops, and electronic frequency disturbances (HAARP TECHNOLOGY). These modalities have been introduced by the Controllers to directly interfere with the universal frequency signatures that are impacting Earth and other nearby celestial bodies. Despite these tactics, the third dimensional Earth game is almost over.

More to follow later…


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